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One of the characteristics of life is “Trust” and this is such an important part of life which is completely obliterated when one has fallen into the life of addiction.  There are so many lies and incidences of theft; “Trust” is lost and sometimes irrecoverable.  In relationships, the only foundation upon which it can grow is based on “Trust”, and without it, you have nothing.

Today, (written in 2009) I have been asked by a good friend to monitor the examination of others who are taking tests for accreditation.  Think about it, he “Trust” me with the keys of the business which has the very things I’ve stolen in my addiction, computers, to monitor others using them, whose organization needed someone of “Trust” to ensure compliance to all the regulations!  He “Trust” I would arrive on time and “Trust” all will be well until I leave later in the day.  Who’d ever thought a so-called “crack-head” could be given this amount of “Trust” again—ever!

“Trust” is a two-way street.  God has en”Trust”ed me with knowing He will uproot all of those bad characteristics I learned and became proficient in order to get my drug; and by the continual exercising of just being on time for when I say I will be there, begins to build “Trust”.  When one has given their word, one must keep it.  I recognize there are some people and even family and friends who will never “Trust” me again.  However, your ability to “Trust” me or not doesn’t diminish the extent of how much I desire to be “Trust”ed and will act always in state of “Trust” today.  “Trust” doesn’t have a chance of being earned unless others are willing to “Trust”, too!


If God has trust in me, and I have trust in God, can you not have trust in us?