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Yesterday, I walked to get something from a store as well as exercise enjoying the few remaining nice days left before the winter cold; God spoke and shared some of the words I will share as I begin my public ministry in two weeks.  My eyes filled as I became overwhelmed and had to do whatever I could do to regain my composure.  I know what is happening to me is due to His touching my life in so many ways.  Without a doubt I know I am “blessed”.  I feel His presence even when I write these devotions I share with you.  They are not of my creativity but of His inspiration.  Many of you have shared how they are touching your life and I am grateful to hear from you.

When I consider the walk I remember the same walk sixteen years ago this time (written in 2009) in search of drugs and my car, having sold it for thirty dollars in drugs!  I don’t have a car today but I am healthy and can walk and if my eyes are red it’s not because of lack of sleep or poor health but because I’m shedding tears of the victory I am now experiencing.  Back then, I could not see this day but God saw it and I’m glad He permitted me to live so I can experience what I am going through now.

I know if my life were required of me this day I could go knowing I am saved; but, I have work to do.  There are so many sons and daughters, my brothers and sisters, still, “out there” who need to know they don’t have to live this way anymore.  I still have to reach as many as I can letting them see the evidence of what God is more than able and wanting to do in their lives.  Will you help to reach them, too?  It begins first by praising God for what He’s doing in your life, too.


I know God did hear my cries in the night.  He pulled me out of addiction’s fight.

Vikki Blossom