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Ever have one of those moments when you’re wondering what it is you wanted to eat? You recognize you don’t want to eat what you’ve been eating and what you have is just not fulfilling, well, as a single man this is often my plight.  Yesterday, while experiencing this lethargic behavior, a phone call from a friend saying she held dinner for me AND was at the park across from where I live presented me with more than just a nice dinner.  It indicated how my Father takes care of me.

Who could have known my physical state at that particular time than Him?  I didn’t do anything to precipitate this.  This woman could not have known what it was she was doing but she was being used by God to provide a blessing to His son who had a need.  My need was fulfilled and made the remainder of the day so much better, even affecting my sleep, making it more enjoyable, restful, and interestingly enough, it was food I would never have prepared for myself.  God knows how to bring good gifts to those He love and love Him.

Many of us have “too much on our plate” to realize what it is we need.  We are constantly running, dodging and skipping through those important and needful areas of our lives.  We need to just be still and allow a little attention to flow our way from Someone who knows us so well and wishes to give us something good.  Now, how may I serve you?  What would you like on your plate today?


I trust you, Lord, to guide my steps to follow Your way.  My Comforter and Protector, You will always stay.

Vikki Blossom