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Speaking with a friend, I learned there was someone who presented material in hopes of “taking me down” from the good which is happening.  I’m scheduled to make a major presentation and this person questioned if it would be good in lieu of the things I have done or perceived I have done.  I received confirmation from my friend their choosing me to speak to their congregation was voted upon by the church leaders and it will go forward.

When you have made decisions to do the right thing expect the enemy will turn up in some way to bring about disruption and discouragement.  You can never be prepared in which direction he will come at you but know he will.  There is something you should consider when this is occurring in your life: 1. You are doing exactly what God wants you to do, and 2. The enemy is confirming you are now working against him.

When you are either coming from the life of addiction or you are the family and friend of an addict, expect the worse to happen to try and set you back.  This is the absolute time when we must exercise true strength in God knowing the very reason why we are experiencing this difficult time, sometimes more than addiction itself, is because the enemy is not happy with us and wants to get us back.  Do not let him win.  The fact he is coming after you is evidence you are doing what is right and you must keep the momentum going forward.


When the enemy is at your doorstep, take comfort knowing God is already inside.