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Yesterday I received a phone call from a woman I met briefly while in Atlanta.  She contacted me to assist her nephew who is imprisoned but the job was put on hold.  She has since moved to Texas and calls me every now and then for no apparent purpose other than to share encouraging words and it seems to work mutually.  It’s always good to hear from her.  I’ve known her for less than one year.  On the other hand, I had an opportunity to speak with someone I’ve known for over thirty years.  We were like family sharing holiday celebrations, attended a college course together and even shared an office when we worked for the same company.  In the less than ten minutes of chatting, there was an unusual coolness which tells me the long-term relationship was not the same, for whatever reason.

As you progress through life, especially having dealt with addiction, those who should know you best and love you and be filled with understanding—won’t!  It will hurt because it is not like a switch where you can turn on/off your feelings; but, God will put into place new friendships which will be better and meaningful and true.  He will never leave you alone and in despair because we all need and desire human companionship.  If your life is being changed for the better understand He has caused those, which were in the past to stay there, so you can be a recipient of a new and exciting life ahead filled with joy, and new friendships which will be so much more fulfilling.

It is not good to live in the past because this is where our hurts should remain.  Leave them there and continue to strive for a present, and future, which can hold all the dreams you wanted while living in the hurt of yesterday.


My soul is empty from the tracks of my past.  Those times were never meant to last.

Vikki Blossom & Roy