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This weekend I learned something which needed to be put into practice:  Forgiveness.  There are a lot of family, more specifically, and friends who have been hurt by me; whether justifiably or not, it is time to put those things behind which inhibit relationships and growth.  When you are harboring pain, hate, anger and vengeance, you will not be able to fully have a relationship with God.  God is about forgiveness and love and expects no less from us.  I prayed asking God to direct me in this process.  You can say it and mean it, but it is something which takes place over time as you begin to clear the garbage out of your being.

I learned to forgive doesn’t necessarily mean to “forget”.  What it means is to withdraw the consequences from them you once thought.  It means letting go of the feelings and words you used which showed others where you were despite how you portrayed yourself to them.  God says He forgets our sins.  Is it possible?  God merely withholds the punishment due us replacing it with love because we ask Him to forgive us.  It doesn’t mean in forgiving relationships will be established.  This can only take place if there is change between the two principles and opportunity presents itself to do so.

I prayed asking God to help me to forgive someone in my life but said I didn’t know how to begin.  Today, someone gave me a card to send to my mother!  Could this be a prayer answered?  I believe it is.  This, too, is about “letting go and letting God”.  So, I begin to take the steps of healing.  If there are people in your life who could use a little forgiveness on your part, why not make this the day to do so.


Forgiveness doesn’t require the other person to respond to your efforts.  However, it does require God to go into action to bring it about in your life, where it counts the most.