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Today, I stayed in bed as long as I could not wanting to get up and venture out in the very chilly morning as I was late getting in, last night, due to an invitation to join friends in watching a boxing match on a big screen; but, I have to get up and go to a meeting I facilitate for people involved in addiction.  Fifteen minutes after the scheduled time for the meeting to begin, the two brothers, who also enjoyed the fight last night, assured me they’ll be there, weren’t!  This is not the first time they’ve done this so I made the decision, with my friend who kindly permits us to use his facility, we will cancel this ministry until further notice and guarantee of commitment.

Two lessons were learned just an hour ago:

  1. You cannot expect from others what you are willing to do, and
  2. Stay committed even when others will not.

When you’re involved in the ministry of helping those who struggle, part of the struggle will be within yourself.  There will be those cold mornings you do not wish to go out as well as receiving the cool reception some of those you minister will give you.  You must remember the life of Christ, our Great Leader, who often met with skepticism and disappointment.  If He should encounter this, should we expect any better?

Keep in mind the Great Commission is:  “Go ye into the world.”  There is nothing which says they’ll be on time or will even show up!  It’s really their choice what they wish to receive.  Just be prepared to give.


“I don’t care”, is what I used to say.  Helping others now, is what I do today.

Vikki Blossom