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“God grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change; courage to change the things I can; and wisdom to know the difference.” –Reinhold Niebuhr 

This is often quoted after meetings in, “the rooms”.  Yet addicts do not really know the power of prayer, nor those who are their friends and loved ones!  Too much time is spent in “the rooms” and not enough time spent in the “Upper Room”.  Prayer is an intrinsic part of the experience of overcoming.  This is why the enemy gets us involved in drugs and alcohol; because they numb our brain and this is the only method of communication between God and man, prayer.

Prayer is the only method a man, or woman, can come out of addiction and a simple quoting of words is not going to cut it.  If we understood the power which prayer provides, we’d spend more time on our knees and allow our souls to cry out than just simple recitation.  When given an opportunity of speaking to the Savior while dying next to Him on the cross, his prayer was generated from a heart of need, “Lord, remember me…”  Reciting words learned won’t get anyone anywhere.  The Devil has fooled us into thinking our simple demonstration of reaching God is working.  It’s any wonder if those who do this have a time of prayer or is it the only prayer, if it can be called such, given in their lives?

It might be short, cute and nice to quote, but it does nothing to bring true power into the lives of those countless millions who are being destroyed by addiction to substances.  More would be achieved if they replaced that prayer with a meaningful, “Lord, save me…” and then mean it.


An addict must fight for clean-living; as a man drowning fights for a breath of air.