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I hadn’t seen Frank since I left for Atlanta October ’07.  He was sitting outside a small restaurant I often patronized but not today. I was in town to use an ATM and get a favorite snack and deciding not to stop over to visit friends, crossed the street and into the path of Frank.  It was good catching up sharing what we’ve done in the past two years.  When I shared with him my involvement in drug ministry and wrote a book he mentioned a local radio station, just several buildings away who’d be interested in hearing my story, so he said.

Instead of letting me go and introduce myself he went with me and walked right into the studio where the DJ was sitting behind his equipment, who rose and shook hands with Frank and motioned who I was.  I gave him about 30 seconds of information and he responded, “Get ready, you’re going on the air in a few minutes!”  For the next twenty minutes I shared my testimony, mentioned my book and website and afterwards walked out wondering what had just happened!

I’m beginning to learn in this life—this ministry, it isn’t who you are which will get you in doors but who you know is the key.  Oh, you’re probably thinking I’m talking about Frank.  Actually, I’m talking about God who knew just when to send me on an errand and ended up perhaps reaching thousands of listeners and hopefully even just one life might have been changed for the best.  I guess that’s why I entitled my book, “If You Send Me, I Will Go.”  I’m still doing it.


You cannot dictate what you will do and say, when God is in charge of your day!