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For awhile, I had been frustrated wondering if God truly called me to a ministry of helping those struggling with drugs, whether users or family and friends of users.  It seems I was getting all the signs from people I had been working with but I was not getting, what I thought, was the actual work of doing presentations and book sales.  I began to question this calling and wanted to make sure I was not going down a path of futility.  I guess I was experiencing the verse which speaks about making one’s “calling and election sure”.

Nearing the end of financial resources and having thoughts to abandon this goal and return to conventional work (written in 2009), now it seems the door is opening for me to make my presentations: three commitments and two possibilities!  I’m excited about the opportunity, so much so, it disturbed my sleep thinking of the privilege to share my story of hope to others.  Then occurred to me, the ministry is not mine but God’s.  Although we’re not to just sit and do nothing there is little which will be done without His blessing.

Whether you have someone who is using or you yourself are the user, it must be understood God has a particular schedule for each of us which is paramount in our lives.  You have to recognize He is so wanting to bless each of us in whatever way we seek, but He knows when we are able to receive it and utilize it to the best advantage.  Until then, we must be patient and accept what comes our way and remain faithful to what we believe.  This is exercising faith.

God had a plan for you from the start. You went through this process of education to further your part.

Vikki Blossom