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While, “out there” in addiction we have done so much damage to our bodies we have no idea to what extent.  In my past, I never went to doctors for anything unless required by an employer and of late, by the drug ministry I attended.  My last physical was more than thirty years ago, probably even longer than this!  Mostly I attribute my inability to do those things I was able to do years ago to age, but the truth is, I don’t know what’s going on inside me.

Many of us, just as I am, are in the category of not having health insurance; however, there are simple things we can do like get our blood pressure tested.  In my case, I had a bout with low sugar recently and my good friend suggested I go for a free test, which I did, but her information was not quite accurate as to where and when, but I went.  I think it is paramount when we have returned from the living we have done to get ourselves checked out.  Now, not only we but our loved ones want to see and have us to be around them for as long as possible and after the struggle we have had, we owe this to them.

Until you are able to get a full exam, there are those basic things you can do: eat plenty of fruits and veggies, drink plenty of water, get your sleep and exercise in fresh air, even if it is walking, and make sure your hygiene, bathing and brushing, are done more regularly.  We have a long way to get back to good health and all of these things go to ensure a healthy mind, too.

The miracle of being healed from substance abuse doesn’t just end by no longer doing drugs, it now requires a complete reversal of the damage done by right living every day.