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Yesterday while at a friend’s home, enjoying a game of Monopoly, a call was made to me but I was unable to get to it in time so the caller went to my voice-mail.  I was glad to have it sent there because I was able to listen and share with my hostess.  It was from a man who found himself bound with a Crack addiction and losing his desire to live.  It was his estranged wife who initially contacted me asking for prayer and advice.  His message was one of encouragement and thanking me for praying for him and how he has been involved in clean-living for a good while, working and just grateful to be alive and experiencing this side of life.

I will probably never meet John in this life as the many others, whether the addict themselves or their family and friends with whom I have had the pleasure connecting.  However, it is phone calls like these which makes the time listening to disheartening stories, tearful pleas, the seeming not able to overcome depression phone calls which then turn into praise reports is what makes what I do so worthwhile.

It was a phone call I made one hot August Sunday morning which began my road to recovery.  Today, make a phone call to someone who helped get you where you are today, and if you are an addict who’s struggling to get to the place where we are, make a phone call to someone who can help you.  It’s amazing the technology of telephones and what they can do, but they are worthless unless we use them to either get help or just call to say, “Thank you.”

Depression had me where I wanted to die, remembering those nights make me cry.

God restored this heart of mine, those tears in my eyes you will no longer find.

Vikki Blossom