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I shared with you, in the last weeks, how I suffered depression and wondered how I would be able to provide for myself not finding work especially during this bad economic time.  I would like to report God has made a way where my concern for this month has been resolved and I just have to believe next month, too.  Certainly, and you know this, we’d like to think and see how everything is laid in place for years and years, when He has stated plainly, “Take no thought for the ‘day’ for ‘tomorrow’ is not promised”.  Of course, I combined two verses with the understanding you know He has promised to take care of our daily needs, and this is where our focus should be, today.

As a former addict carrying the baggage of legal history it will be difficult to find employment.  There is no doubt about this.  There should be equally no doubt, when you give your life to God, He has taken your matters upon Himself and will do for you what you are not able to do for yourself.  You must realize it is during these dark and troublesome experiences is when He demonstrates not only His love for you but His willingness to bring you what only a loving Father can do, to provide for your needs.  How can He bring about providential circumstances which have resulted in saving you and then abandon you?  He cannot.

This is my time to prove Him as He is proving me.  This is the basis of developing a relationship, and when it is not easy it is because there is something in me which needs work.  God never falls short of His part.  Trust Him today by leaving your issues with Him.

God is more than willing to provide answers, if we learn to leave the questions with Him.