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We enjoyed continuing the holiday with most everyone meeting at a bowling alley.  Interesting how it was nothing years ago to be able to play three games, when now making the end of two became a challenge.  Those who say, “Age is just a number” obviously hasn’t aged!  While leaving, one in our company stumbled on the steps and immediately we all went to his aid.  There were questions about how he felt and a couple, not with our group, provided a first-aid kit so his wounds could be cleansed and bandaged.  Later, he was taken by ambulance for further care.  This is not unlike the addict.

Many of us “stumbled”; too, as a result of addiction.  It was not something planned.  The only difference is just as my friend refused, or tried to, the attention he was receiving the same is with the addict.  We initially refuse treatment not realizing just how hurt we really are.  This is why it takes Someone who knows what really happened not only “to” us but “in” us to cleanse the wounds.  He has provided a facility for further care only found in churches and relationships.

Just as those in our group rushed to provide assistance, there will come a time when we must provide assistance to our brothers and sisters who have stumbled in their way of life.  It is not easy knowing how to approach them and often the one needing help will be resistive of our efforts, but we don’t stop.  We don’t stop until we can get them into the fellowship of love.  We would want nothing short of this for ourselves.

Obey My voice and hear what I say.  Extend your kindness to someone today.

Vikki Blossom