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Yesterday’s family and friend’s gathering to celebrate the long holiday weekend brought a pleasant surprise:  our brother who, too, lost his job with IBM, as I did as a direct result of substance abuse resulting in an addiction which caused him to withdraw from all that was once important.  When I saw him, I immediately went to him, hugged him letting him know I was so glad to see him.  In fact, the very first devotion of this soon to be printed book, “The Addict’s Devotional” was written with him in mind, January 1st.

His mother welcomed me into the family some thirty-five years ago, as an adopted son, who lost a daughter the early part of this year, was shedding tears.  She might have lost a daughter who had given her life to God and prematurely taken due to cancer but she was able to see her only remaining son return from the death-grip of addiction, returned to her similarly to the story of the “Prodigal Son”; therefore, when you consider it all, Mother* has not lost anyone in actuality.  Prayers were answered because it is only through such a powerful and loving God that anyone is able to overcome addiction.

We have to acknowledge we are in the fight of our lives.  The enemy is trying to destroy each and every one of us and there is none receiving respite despite whatever relationship you share with God.  When you see your brother or sister growing weak and needing support, please make it your business to be in close proximity to give them the assurance they are not alone.  It takes only a moment to spend time doing so and encouraging each other in prayer.  As my brother walked through the portals of this family gathering, soon we’ll all walk through the heavenly portals to join an even greater family celebrating the victory of overcoming any and all addictions.

While many are wandering and wondering how to overcome addiction.  We, who have overcame, wonder why they wander.

For the answer is so simple:  Christ.

*Mother passed April 2013.  I was blessed to be able to see her again when I returned from prison in January 2013.  She was 94.