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Due to the encouragement of someone recently added to my life as a friend, I visited a church I hadn’t been in over twenty years!  I thoroughly enjoyed the new experience and in fact, I think I will make this place my church home while I’m here.  Oh, I could have settled with doing my routine of attending an electronic church and my personal, inspiring reading, but it was good to be in the company of people and making friends and developing relationships which can lead to a more fulfilling life.

When we have walked the path we have, we will carry baggage and it doesn’t matter how well we are doing as we rejoin life; often we think no one wants to really know us and if they did, what would we offer?  We need to forget thinking in this way and remove all negative thoughts about ourselves.  If God has seen fit to restore us to a life with others of His fold, then we need to participate and share ourselves, our stories, to let them see what God has done for us.  Holding back means never fully becoming a part of friendships just waiting for us to share.

If we all hold a piece of humanity, we cannot dare to withhold our part.  There can never be a complete whole if we are ashamed of our past.  We just need to be thankful we have been brought back for a second chance where many will never have opportunity.  Begin to leave your rooms, your shuttered windows and get out into the sunshine.  Not only is God waiting for you outdoors, but brothers and sisters are waiting to meet you for they will never line up to greet you at your door!

Choices we have made during this rough ride, has brought us to shame for things we have had to hide.

Vikki Blossom