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God made it clear when I began writing these devotionals He didn’t want me to write in bunches and post the last six months as I did the first.  He wanted me to write daily what is going on with me so I bring a more human aspect which will be a greater witness to those who are living their Christian experience with me.  This means not just the good but also the uncomfortable.  I am having an uncomfortable time now.

In short, I don’t know what God wants me to do.  (Written in 2009) I heard good news yesterday from an attorney who is handling my registration designation, to overturn the judge’s decision citing the errors he made.  Perhaps this is the reason I came back to New York.  Had I remained in Georgia, it would not have happened.  Also, I’m being faced with my benefactor ending his support of providing me this place to stay and I have not found employment and will have another week to find something to support myself.  Homelessness is a concern for me.

Although I have dedicated my life to serving God does not mean there won’t be difficult days ahead.  Perhaps, it is meant for me to chronicle my experience so in time you will be encouraged to see how He has provided for this writer/former addict so you will be encouraged in your own life, for this is my purpose, now, to bring hope and encouragement to addicts and to their family and friends.

So, please pray with me as I began this new journey and let’s see what miracle He will provide.  Thank you.

If we can just remember the past and how He brought us through, recognizing our present state, today, is merely the past being lived now; For this is called “experience”.