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The first words in my book, “I asked God to save me, and if He has chosen this way to do it, can this be alright with you?” was given to me just before I printed.  It was not my thought many would not believe the experience I chronicled but many would reject the premise God would lead me in a life of addiction.  Addiction has been a part of my life long before I knew how to spell the word.  My first addiction was sexual in nature about the age of six.  Will you begin to look down on me and consider it my fault or would you see a plan being set into place which would be the catalyst of what you are reading today?

Many of you read my devotional because it touches something within you; whether you have a loved one who is an addict or you yourself suffer from an addiction of some sort.  Having lived my life filled with anxieties, pain and sorrow of addiction for more than 46 years, and I’m 52 as of this writing, I have empathy with those who suffer similarly, no matter what the addiction may be.  I understand.  Perhaps God designed from my youth what Satan had done in his attempt to destroy me, had purposed it to be a help to many because through me, they will come to know Christ as a Healer of addictions.

The secret of overcoming addiction is to recognize it is not something without remedy.  It is not something intangible and much greater than some disease theory others would have you believe.  It is truly a spiritual battle which can only be won when we accept there is only one solution—God.

Walls, right now, are all I see.  One of these days, I will be free.

Vikki Blossom