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In reading my own personal devotion, this statement is made:  “God’s time for the performance of His promises is when it labors under the greatest improbabilities.”—Matthew Henry, Matthew Henry’s Complete Unabridged Commentary.  Over and over in my past and I’m sure it will be the same in my future, there will be times when I just cannot see how an answer will be provided for an issue in my life.  Yet, when I would fall into a depression and couldn’t move is when God lifted me from my depression and moved me and my problem.  There have been fewer times of this occurring as I am getting older and have developed a relationship with God, but there are still times when I have my moments.

Not knowing what God wants me to do at this period of my life and still with no employment during this difficult economic time, I am being faced with uncertainty and, yes, it is often depressing.  I know my God is not concerned about economic conditions as it affects His beloved children and is more than capable of providing for them, as He continues to demonstrate to me, week by week, by offering blessings which have not failed.  I am learning how to trust Him more and more as He guides me through this time.  How would I know Him to be a “Provider” if not put into straits and needing one?

While in the process, for this is what it will be for most of us, getting rid of an addiction will take time.  Seek God’s face regarding your own situation and see if there is not a promise He has made to you to cleanse you from the evil which seem to captivate your very existence.  I can assure you of this, if God has promised to heal you, He will not fail to keep His word.  Do not fail to believe this.

You have heard the old saying, “If God said it, I believe it.”  Now, it’s your turn to see just how true it is.