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The last couple of days have been cloudy.  A passing hurricane, too far to do any real damage but close enough to affect the weather has kept our sun hidden and produced a lot of much needed rain.  This reminds me of my experience as a little boy and flying for the first time.  I was amazed when we broke through those clouds how sunny it was.  I learned then no matter what it seem to be on Earth, above those clouds there is nothing which can affect what’s going on in the heavens.

The same applies to our earthly experience.  There may be quite a cloudy period of time we are going through and we just cannot see how things will get any better.  I want to let you know just beyond those clouds of addiction, pain, isolation and loneliness there is a brighter experience just waiting for you to break through.  Sometimes the clouds will leave on their own, while other times we just have to believe and begin to move them in our lives.

Just as the sun is shining whether it is dark, cloudy and raining or even if we’re on the other side of the planet and it is nighttime, it doesn’t affect the sun’s ability to shine.  God is not fazed by dark experiences or your inability to see Him presently.  He continues to shine His love to you and those around you.  It is time to take in the “Son”shine even when you aren’t able to see Him standing right beside you.

Walk in the light, not shadows of the dark.  Pay attention to the right path before you miss the mark.

Vikki Blossom