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I was given a treat by an early morning phone call from a recently added friend who called to let me know she prepared breakfast for me!  While having this experience, her daughters would eventually awaken and when one of them came into the kitchen was greeted with a hug, kiss and verbal exchange which made them feel reassured they were loved, appreciated and welcomed.  Once they had been fed from an emotional point of view then their physical need was met in the form of food.

I watched with amazement because this was not my experience growing up.  These weren’t small children either, one in her teens and the other soon to arrive.  I knew what this mother experienced several days ago, her struggle and pain, but she never dropped her guard when it came to her children and letting them know they were loved.

God is like this with us.  In my mind’s eye, I believe He is standing right there waiting to greet each and every one of us but we never take time to just stand still to actually receive His hugs and kisses.  We’re in so much of a hurry we never get a chance to hear His verbal reassurance we are loved today and I think it is about time we just stop and take a few minutes to receive what He wants to give us, each and every day.  God can only be a loving Father if He has loving children.

It only takes seconds to demonstrate love, while it takes a lifetime to forget the feeling of being unloved.