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Today (written in 2009) I completed a project for a client which began November ’08.  There might be a requirement for minor changes but nothing compared to when I first began.  It began with transcribing many hours of telephone conversations between a man and his soon-to-be divorced wife.  Needless to say, this one was not going to be an amicable parting of ways.  Once compiling all of the conversations into an almost 400 page document, requiring an index of pertinent conversations to be used as testimony, and be able to be cued at the direction of the court.

It was like a burst of energy, a second wind in order to get to this stage, yet, there was no first wind for the past two weeks.  I hadn’t any motivation.  When I hit the “send” key to forward the material to the client a thought crossed my mind, “If I had to go in tomorrow, I would retire.”  I wondered where it came from.  Contemplating what transpired it became clear; 35 years ago to the day would have been my first day hired as an IBM’er.  Many of my friends were forced out this year due to the economy.  Knowing what I know now and all things being equal, I would have walked into the office and announced to my department, I was going back home—for good.

I’ve come to realized banging on some form of keyboard for the past 40 years has suddenly lost its wondrous hold on me.  It’s not fun anymore.  It is time to do something different.  I knew coming back home almost two months ago a transitioning was occurring and now it is becoming evident daily something is happening in my life.  As this door closes another will open and now I’m prepared to walk through.

Take time to stop and see, the joy and beauty of nature around me.

Vikki Blossom