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In 1992, during the height of my addiction to crack cocaine, I got stopped and received a ticket and was fined $17.50.  Instead of just ignoring the ticket I sent a check knowing what little money I would have would go to drugs.  Perhaps, somehow, money would have been in the account and the check would be satisfied, or, maybe the bank would pay it and I would be hit with an overdraft, but I think by that time even the bank knew anything I wrote was worthless.

In 1998, I returned to New York, trying to restart my life when on the way to work, I was noticed by a passing police, my car was making too much noise.  I got pulled over and it was determined not only was I a fleeing felon wanted in Ohio, but my license for New York was expired although I had a valid Pennsylvania permit.  I picked up ten days in their county jail and an interesting ride back to Ohio.

Today, I received a letter from the Department of Motor Vehicles indicating my license was reinstated.  Two months ago when I learned I would return to New York, again, there would be a good chance I’d be driving because I carry a valid Georgia license.  I am so pleased.  It might have taken 17 years and an additional $35, but it is done.  By the way, my Ohio license was reinstated, too.  This was a requirement with Georgia in order to obtain theirs.  They didn’t care about New York.

When you decide to give up your addicted ways you will begin to be restored to a normal life; and consider yourself blessed because many will not ever reach where you are today.

Turn from your ways and seek forgiveness for sin.  Let God into your life and a new life you will begin.

Vikki Blossom