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…but I was enjoying life instead.

The day began with a phone call from a friend who suggested we meet because she had to come into town which is close to where I live. I helped her recently get through a life-threatening matter, and she wanted to meet with me again because she was feeling much better.  I thought about the work I needed to do but a little voice within said, “Ministry”, so I left to meet with her.  It led to shopping with her because it was also in my plans to do so that day.  While waiting at the checkout, she offered to pay for my groceries!  Afterwards, she told me, “Today you will have a good, hot, home-cooked meal!”  I was so grateful not having had one in quite awhile.

Leaving her home later I received a phone call from another friend who invited me to spend the evening with his family because there were people at his home wanting to meet me.  It was a very good time of meeting new people, fellowship with old friends, playing cards and watching a comedy video.  When the early morning hour settled as I in my bed, during my closing of the day prayer with God the thought occurred, “What if today began with me hitting (smoking) a pipe of drugs?  How much of this wonderful day would have been missed because of the foolishness of addiction?”

All the years, in fact almost twenty years were lost in the life of addiction.  I would have traded all of them for just the day I had today.  Life is so much worth it if we can just put away the foolishness of what is substance abuse.  If the addict loses so much how much more does the family and friends of addicts lose and they’re not on drugs?  Why allow them, the addict, to take you with them in their downward spiral and you’re not even getting the “feel good” of the high at least they’re having?  It just doesn’t make sense.  Take responsibility for yourself, too, and enjoy the life which is happening at this very moment.

You can either have a wonderful day today,


You can have an awful day.  It’s a matter of choice you make right now.