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More often than not, grace is given even before it is asked for.  However, to complete the process, it is best given when it is asked.  Many times in my life I have assumed forgiveness because someone has a deep relationship with me.  This is neither love nor a good quality trait to have.  It is called “presumption” and this does not go well with God.  Whenever we have erred to Him or anyone for that matter, good relationships are built upon respect, dignity and trust enough in being able to go to the person and say, “I’ve made a mistake, or, I’m not able to fulfill the original condition, please forgive me.”

In our addicted lives we made a lot of assumptions and have taken many people for granted.  Sometimes it has been easier for both parties to just look the other way, but pretending there hasn’t been a rift in the relationship will never allow the relationship to develop in the way it should.  This is why it is important to be able to make amends and simply say, with meaning, “I’m sorry.”  True, perhaps many relationships will never heal prior to the Day of Judgment, but we do not have to be the problem any longer.  Let’s go over the past and see who we have wounded and are able to make amends and do so.

Father, Help heal those I have hurt along the way, Maybe even just one, each remaining day.