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…but God says you can.  Who will you believe?

The enemy tells us we have a disease which cannot be cured.  The enemy tells us we will be addicts for the remainder of our lies.  The enemy will want you to believe statistics, drug treatment specialists, rooms where people of the same problem believe they can find their strength among people like themselves.  The enemy will have you believe in a form of recovery which keeps you bound in the actual addiction itself even when you aren’t using.


You can believe a God who says He is able to heal all manner of disease, illnesses and sin.  You can believe a God who tells you if you trust in Him, He will provide all you need.  You can believe a God who promises you can be set free from any addiction and go on to live a normal life devoid of ever returning.

Which would you rather believe?  I run into so many who are in defense of man’s way and will not accept a Divine way of overcoming their problems, and I’ve come to recognize there are some who will just not receive help, no matter how close they are to the absolute cure—Christ.

Forgive me, Father, for I have sinned.  Restore me and allow a new life to begin.

Vikki Blossom