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Last week, I spoke with a young man whose parent told me she believes he’s depressed.  Early part of this week, I received an early morning phone call of a woman, a mother, depressed and considering suicide, and in both of those instances when I took an active role to help relieve them of what their problem may be, I hadn’t noticed until just recently, I am depressed, too!  It has been a long time since I have actually felt depressed—not profoundly as in the past, but just enough to interrupt my normal routine.

Years ago, I had been diagnosed as bipolar with manic depressive disorder.  I was given two prescriptions: Prozac and Depakote, neither of which worked so I stopped putting them into my body.  I wonder, now, what would I have noticed had they worked?  However, what worked for me was hearing the wise words of a Christian Psychologist who said, “Depression is a wonderful tool of God.  It is like a barometer which tells us when we are not feeling good.  If we did not have this ability, we would continue to exist where we are not happy.  It is God’s way of telling you there needs to be a change in your life.  Consult with Him and make the change you need in your life and it (depression), will go away.”

I know the problem and I also know the answer, but it is up to me to put in the effort and make it work.  This is the answer for many of life’s ills.  Effort.  We must put forth whatever effort is needed to change our circumstances for they will not necessarily change themselves.  We must continue moving forward toward a goal of happy living and refuse those things which bring us down.  I begin today.  Will you?

Strangers could be angels, I was told long ago.  Give a helping hand especially to those you don’t know.

Vikki Blossom