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…then it’s all you do!  Oftentimes, when we have a loved one suffering because of an addiction we find ourselves hopeless after trying everything we can possibly think to assist them.  We have given them money—mistake.  We have allowed them to stay with us—mistake.  We have offered them food and clothing—mistake, because in each of these situations nothing seemed to matter or help them.  There is one thing you can do and I can guarantee you this, it will not be a mistake.  You pray.

Sitting back and not being physically active, just doing nothing will not come easy first unless you actually believe in the power of prayer.  Prayer is not something which is done without effort.  It takes a lot of personal concentration to set aside time to be with God and speak to Him directly regarding a loved one.  You cannot do it with distractions for it to be meaningful and it requires effort and dedication and faith to believe the One who you are speaking to is listening and knows how to help not only the addict but you, too.  You have to believe it down deep in the core of your soul you are not wasting time and God does take a full vested interest in this particular situation of yours.

If you have ever had a prayer answered, you know what I am talking about.  The fact I am sitting here today writing you these words is a direct result of two things:  someone prayed for me until I was able to pray for myself.  In each instance the key was: prayer.  God listens and gets involved when we take the time to pray.  There is no doubt about it, we have to pray not only for them but for ourselves we won’t give up until the last breath is given, either theirs or ours.  Something good and worthwhile is worth agonizing over and this is the effort you must give when you love someone.

Prayer is more than just talking to God, it’s getting God involved in your affairs because you asked Him to do so.