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Several years ago as I was being held in a federal detention center, a fancy word for “prison”, I came across a book written by Oswald Chambers called, “My Utmost for His Highest”.  I was inspired by his daily writings and decided when I got released, I would write a devotional especially geared for those who lives have been touched by addictions of some sort, whether you are/were an addict or you are the family or friend of an addict.  I believed a book was sorely needed which might provide hope and encouragement for those persons who suffered just as I have, and to give them the “hope” they didn’t have to no longer remain in addiction, as I no longer do.

It is my goal to have this book I shall call, “The Addict’s Devotional” published this year (2013) and in some small way, perhaps, too, long after I am gone, my book will be picked up by someone who will receive inspiration just as I have done with the late Mr. Chambers’ book.  So far, I am told by those who visit my website, they like what they are reading and wish me well with my venture.

The point I’d like to make today is when I first began using drugs I never thought what I am doing today would ever take place.  If someone had told me I would do something positive as a result of my own drug addiction, I would have thought they were crazy.  And now, as crazy as it seem some days when I sit in front of this laptop and wonder what I could say which will give someone something more than what they had yesterday, I just remember my own life and am thankful I can be sitting in front of this machine and not in a graveyard or other institution.  This is the message today:  even in your addiction God can have great plans for your life, but He needs you to step out of yourself and be willing to devote your life to Him.  It’s the only way.

God, reach deep into my heart and rearrange what I had; Take the evil, pain and sinfulness, take all of which is bad.

Vikki Blossom