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One of the stronger desires I had to contain within me was the need to help others like me.  From the very beginning, I think mostly because of my roots having grown up in the church, when in recovery meeting those whose background was not similar, I felt a great need to assist them in their walk.  While commendable, it was totally outside the realm of good sense!

I needed help.  This should have been my focus.  I am the one who needed help and how could this be possible in giving to others when my own glass was empty?  While in a ministry of recovery, I had a vision of seeing a spoon emptying its contents onto the spoons of many others until there was nothing in the spoon.  This exemplified me.  God was showing me in order for me to give to others, I need to tap into the ultimate supply—Him!

For sure, God has not brought you along this way to keep what He’s given to you for yourself.  No.  It is imperative to share with those but only after you have received—fully, what He intends for you to have.  The worse experience in any ministry is to be confronted with someone who really needs your help and you’re more than capable of doing so, but you have nothing to give.  This may cause the hopeful receiver to be lost forever because you hadn’t taken care of your own needs first.

Be filled, first, then help others, next.

God is the Creator of all mankind; seek His word and knowledge you will find.

Vikki Blossom