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What defines the weakening component in addiction are relationships.  While healthy and desirable relationships become destroyed at the same time unhealthy relationships are developed.  This must change.  When you find yourself becomes less in tune with your spouse, children and other extended family members, friends and spending more time with those who really don’t care about you except for what you can give them, addiction has worked its destructive evil.

The only way back from the abyss of destroyed relationships is to have the courage to reverse the trend.  You need to understand you have to do whatever it takes to reestablish those relationships because this is what will give your life value and extra ‘ump’ to make clean-living worthwhile.  When you have rediscovered what you have given away, you will not want to jeopardize what has been given back to you with the foolishness only the streets can give.

The greatest relationship which is waiting for you is coming into the graciousness of God.  When you recognize and accept doing substances is not only something which is illegal and get you into trouble but you choose not to do it because you do not wish to impact the relationship between you and God, then the desire for whatever will be the catalyst in creating the void becomes less and less attractive.  Your relationship with God becomes an active force in your life and just as you do not wish to be hurt, you do not want to hurt God.  When relationships become damaged the only way of healing comes through those same relationships.  There is no other way.

God is the Creator of all mankind; seek His word and knowledge you will find.

Vikki Blossom