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I was told as a child you should not “hate” anyone.  Hatred is such a strong word and eats away at ourselves which can manifest into bodily sicknesses!  Now, this is fascinating to me.  I can hate someone so much I can develop cancer or high blood pressure and all because of “hate”!  Reading about “hatred” I learned the brain undergoes a radical change which does affect the body!  Imagine that.  So, I now must learn to “dislike” certain vegetables, circumstances and people and not “hate” them.

I cannot justify hating anything now other than my previous life of addiction.  I would tell many I enjoyed the drug and what it did for me, but I “hated” what it did to me.  I still do.  I don’t dwell on it anymore because I am past it, but the point I’m making is, I think this is one time where “hating” is healthy and will keep us from falling backward.  We must hate the very thought of addiction and remember what it did to us.  How it stole our lives and almost killed us.  It would have killed you except you had God in your corner.  So, we’re going to have to have more than a little “dislike” for addiction to keep us away from it.

Hate the very thought of returning.  Hate the very thoughts of how it was.  Hate the very feeling it gave you because if it were all that good you’d be still, “out there” having it.  But, it wasn’t, was it?  It was quite awful and there was nothing good about it.  Temptations are going to come but you never have to fall or listen to them.  Hate the very thought temptations will come so when it does you will do the same thing to them I do with asparagus or squash.  Let’s just say, it comes right back up and out!  When temptations comes, get them up and out of your life.


We never, ever have to yield to temptation.  We cannot change a temptation into something good except to use it as a guide to stay away from what is tempting us.