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When I decided to include this day which would be read every four years, I wondered what I could say for when it is read it would have the most impact.  The thought occurred; it is a “bridge”.  A bridge?  We are involved in the life of sobriety and not often are we given a second chance to have an extra day to make it right.  We certainly are given the “next” day, but not an “extra” day!  This day is not counted against you but it is there for you to review the previous day and whatever was amiss, get it right “this time” before going into a new month.

Consider the person who is born on this day.  What day do they celebrate their birthday?  It is normally on the last day of this month.  It is only when there is this extra day do they celebrate the actual day of their birth.  It’s technically like extending the 28th into extra hours.  Sometimes we need extra hours ourselves to evaluate our lives and get that extra little push to move us along when times are difficult.  Sobriety is not easy when we are constantly harassed by those thoughts and memories which will quickly put us back, not at the starting line, but even deeper addiction the second or third time around.

Use this extra day to make amends and the decision to make the new month coming worthwhile.

The only other extra we receive while traveling this road, is the extra dose of love God gives to those who are like us.