No One Can Take What is Yours


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In this time of uncertainty, not only because of the instability of economics, but because we don’t see more than our current present situation, we begin to doubt if anything good will happen to us.  Perhaps you are wondering if you will get a job or keep the one you have now.  Perhaps you are on the verge of losing your home or having to leave where you are now. You are faced with uncertain questions for which doesn’t seem to be any answers forthcoming and you’d sort of like to know now.

I think it would help us if we come to understand we have a Father who operates out of love, regarding us.  He is so wonderful, or better put, He is so “full of wonder” and remarkable that any gift or blessing He has prepared for you is yours.  No one can possibly take it away or delay its appearing in your life.  You are not now missing anything He wishes for you to have.  We must begin to trust Him and these instances of uncertainty are meant to draw us closer to Him.

I have chosen a different way of looking at things.  For example, in a month, I’m not sure where I will be living.  I, too, don’t have a job and prospects are low.  I don’t know how I will be able to pay what presently is a blessing.  See, I’m no different either than you.  However, I tend to view my situation from this perspective:  although I cannot see what is currently being worked out on my behalf, I will be able to look back at this moment, say, six months from now and will be able to see my Father’s hand involved in answering this problem.

I guess it is better stated: keeping your eyes on Jesus is better than keeping your focus on your current problem.  Keeping your eye on your problems won’t make them go away, but keeping your eyes on Jesus, will.

Trust My voice and hear what I say:  Stay in My Word and continue to pray.

Vikki Blossom

Grace, a Wonderful Gift


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More often than not, grace is given even before it is asked for.  However, to complete the process, it is best given when it is asked.  Many times in my life I have assumed forgiveness because someone has a deep relationship with me.  This is neither love nor a good quality trait to have.  It is called “presumption” and this does not go well with God.  Whenever we have erred to Him or anyone for that matter, good relationships are built upon respect, dignity and trust enough in being able to go to the person and say, “I’ve made a mistake, or, I’m not able to fulfill the original condition, please forgive me.”

In our addicted lives we made a lot of assumptions and have taken many people for granted.  Sometimes it has been easier for both parties to just look the other way, but pretending there hasn’t been a rift in the relationship will never allow the relationship to develop in the way it should.  This is why it is important to be able to make amends and simply say, with meaning, “I’m sorry.”  True, perhaps many relationships will never heal prior to the Day of Judgment, but we do not have to be the problem any longer.  Let’s go over the past and see who we have wounded and are able to make amends and do so.

Father, Help heal those I have hurt along the way, Maybe even just one, each remaining day.

The Devil Says You Can’t…


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…but God says you can.  Who will you believe?

The enemy tells us we have a disease which cannot be cured.  The enemy tells us we will be addicts for the remainder of our lies.  The enemy will want you to believe statistics, drug treatment specialists, rooms where people of the same problem believe they can find their strength among people like themselves.  The enemy will have you believe in a form of recovery which keeps you bound in the actual addiction itself even when you aren’t using.


You can believe a God who says He is able to heal all manner of disease, illnesses and sin.  You can believe a God who tells you if you trust in Him, He will provide all you need.  You can believe a God who promises you can be set free from any addiction and go on to live a normal life devoid of ever returning.

Which would you rather believe?  I run into so many who are in defense of man’s way and will not accept a Divine way of overcoming their problems, and I’ve come to recognize there are some who will just not receive help, no matter how close they are to the absolute cure—Christ.

Forgive me, Father, for I have sinned.  Restore me and allow a new life to begin.

Vikki Blossom

Depression Gone!


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I spoke yesterday about depression being used as a tool.  Having experienced dealing with depression within myself, I know not to waste time in lying around doing nothing because this does not bring about change.  I forced myself to go on walks, to go to restaurants and treat myself to my favorite meals and this has been all I needed to make the depression go away—for now.  I have been back to my old self and did a little work today.  Not as much as I would have liked, but enough for me to know depression is leaving.  I also made my favorite dinner, even if I don’t eat it tonight, but it was a step I needed to make to know I’m back in charge of my affairs.

Perhaps you think it was too easy or maybe I hadn’t suffered a serious depression.  You’re right, it was.  I have had bouts of severe depression when I didn’t move from my bed for three days.  Where sleeping was so haphazard I couldn’t tell when it was day or night.  Even the Good Book talks about when this type of life is upon you, you wish it were night when it was day and when it is night, you wish for it to be day, in other words not at all happy with your current existence.  Many of us go through these experiences but this one thing someone told me, and I have listened and put it into practice:  Life is only bettered when you are in a constant state of movement.  You cannot sit or lie down and think things will get better.  They won’t.  Even if you go outside and let the sun shine on your face—do it.  It works.

So, whether you’re addicted or know someone addicted and you’re affected and depressed, you don’t have to let this become your existence—today.  Get up!  Get something to eat.  Get outside and walk around the block and when you have done it, expand the walk and now do two blocks and see if you don’t feel better.  You will and then you’ll continue adding those good things to where in life you want to be and this is what it is all about.  So, use depression as a tool to go forward, not as a crutch to do nothing but stand still.

If we never experienced depression, then how would we know it is time to move?

Depression as a Tool


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Last week, I spoke with a young man whose parent told me she believes he’s depressed.  Early part of this week, I received an early morning phone call of a woman, a mother, depressed and considering suicide, and in both of those instances when I took an active role to help relieve them of what their problem may be, I hadn’t noticed until just recently, I am depressed, too!  It has been a long time since I have actually felt depressed—not profoundly as in the past, but just enough to interrupt my normal routine.

Years ago, I had been diagnosed as bipolar with manic depressive disorder.  I was given two prescriptions: Prozac and Depakote, neither of which worked so I stopped putting them into my body.  I wonder, now, what would I have noticed had they worked?  However, what worked for me was hearing the wise words of a Christian Psychologist who said, “Depression is a wonderful tool of God.  It is like a barometer which tells us when we are not feeling good.  If we did not have this ability, we would continue to exist where we are not happy.  It is God’s way of telling you there needs to be a change in your life.  Consult with Him and make the change you need in your life and it (depression), will go away.”

I know the problem and I also know the answer, but it is up to me to put in the effort and make it work.  This is the answer for many of life’s ills.  Effort.  We must put forth whatever effort is needed to change our circumstances for they will not necessarily change themselves.  We must continue moving forward toward a goal of happy living and refuse those things which bring us down.  I begin today.  Will you?

Strangers could be angels, I was told long ago.  Give a helping hand especially to those you don’t know.

Vikki Blossom

When There Is Only Prayer…


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…then it’s all you do!  Oftentimes, when we have a loved one suffering because of an addiction we find ourselves hopeless after trying everything we can possibly think to assist them.  We have given them money—mistake.  We have allowed them to stay with us—mistake.  We have offered them food and clothing—mistake, because in each of these situations nothing seemed to matter or help them.  There is one thing you can do and I can guarantee you this, it will not be a mistake.  You pray.

Sitting back and not being physically active, just doing nothing will not come easy first unless you actually believe in the power of prayer.  Prayer is not something which is done without effort.  It takes a lot of personal concentration to set aside time to be with God and speak to Him directly regarding a loved one.  You cannot do it with distractions for it to be meaningful and it requires effort and dedication and faith to believe the One who you are speaking to is listening and knows how to help not only the addict but you, too.  You have to believe it down deep in the core of your soul you are not wasting time and God does take a full vested interest in this particular situation of yours.

If you have ever had a prayer answered, you know what I am talking about.  The fact I am sitting here today writing you these words is a direct result of two things:  someone prayed for me until I was able to pray for myself.  In each instance the key was: prayer.  God listens and gets involved when we take the time to pray.  There is no doubt about it, we have to pray not only for them but for ourselves we won’t give up until the last breath is given, either theirs or ours.  Something good and worthwhile is worth agonizing over and this is the effort you must give when you love someone.

Prayer is more than just talking to God, it’s getting God involved in your affairs because you asked Him to do so.

My Inspiration


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Several years ago as I was being held in a federal detention center, a fancy word for “prison”, I came across a book written by Oswald Chambers called, “My Utmost for His Highest”.  I was inspired by his daily writings and decided when I got released, I would write a devotional especially geared for those who lives have been touched by addictions of some sort, whether you are/were an addict or you are the family or friend of an addict.  I believed a book was sorely needed which might provide hope and encouragement for those persons who suffered just as I have, and to give them the “hope” they didn’t have to no longer remain in addiction, as I no longer do.

It is my goal to have this book I shall call, “The Addict’s Devotional” published this year (2013) and in some small way, perhaps, too, long after I am gone, my book will be picked up by someone who will receive inspiration just as I have done with the late Mr. Chambers’ book.  So far, I am told by those who visit my website, they like what they are reading and wish me well with my venture.

The point I’d like to make today is when I first began using drugs I never thought what I am doing today would ever take place.  If someone had told me I would do something positive as a result of my own drug addiction, I would have thought they were crazy.  And now, as crazy as it seem some days when I sit in front of this laptop and wonder what I could say which will give someone something more than what they had yesterday, I just remember my own life and am thankful I can be sitting in front of this machine and not in a graveyard or other institution.  This is the message today:  even in your addiction God can have great plans for your life, but He needs you to step out of yourself and be willing to devote your life to Him.  It’s the only way.

God, reach deep into my heart and rearrange what I had; Take the evil, pain and sinfulness, take all of which is bad.

Vikki Blossom

Ministry to Others


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One of the stronger desires I had to contain within me was the need to help others like me.  From the very beginning, I think mostly because of my roots having grown up in the church, when in recovery meeting those whose background was not similar, I felt a great need to assist them in their walk.  While commendable, it was totally outside the realm of good sense!

I needed help.  This should have been my focus.  I am the one who needed help and how could this be possible in giving to others when my own glass was empty?  While in a ministry of recovery, I had a vision of seeing a spoon emptying its contents onto the spoons of many others until there was nothing in the spoon.  This exemplified me.  God was showing me in order for me to give to others, I need to tap into the ultimate supply—Him!

For sure, God has not brought you along this way to keep what He’s given to you for yourself.  No.  It is imperative to share with those but only after you have received—fully, what He intends for you to have.  The worse experience in any ministry is to be confronted with someone who really needs your help and you’re more than capable of doing so, but you have nothing to give.  This may cause the hopeful receiver to be lost forever because you hadn’t taken care of your own needs first.

Be filled, first, then help others, next.

God is the Creator of all mankind; seek His word and knowledge you will find.

Vikki Blossom


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