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One of the characteristics of life is “Trust” and this is such an important part of life which is completely obliterated when one has fallen into the life of addiction.  There are so many lies and incidences of theft; “Trust” is lost and sometimes irrecoverable.  In relationships, the only foundation upon which it can grow is based on “Trust”, and without it, you have nothing.

Today, (written in 2009) I have been asked by a good friend to monitor the examination of others who are taking tests for accreditation.  Think about it, he “Trust” me with the keys of the business which has the very things I’ve stolen in my addiction, computers, to monitor others using them, whose organization needed someone of “Trust” to ensure compliance to all the regulations!  He “Trust” I would arrive on time and “Trust” all will be well until I leave later in the day.  Who’d ever thought a so-called “crack-head” could be given this amount of “Trust” again—ever!

“Trust” is a two-way street.  God has en”Trust”ed me with knowing He will uproot all of those bad characteristics I learned and became proficient in order to get my drug; and by the continual exercising of just being on time for when I say I will be there, begins to build “Trust”.  When one has given their word, one must keep it.  I recognize there are some people and even family and friends who will never “Trust” me again.  However, your ability to “Trust” me or not doesn’t diminish the extent of how much I desire to be “Trust”ed and will act always in state of “Trust” today.  “Trust” doesn’t have a chance of being earned unless others are willing to “Trust”, too!


If God has trust in me, and I have trust in God, can you not have trust in us?

Praising Him!


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Yesterday, I walked to get something from a store as well as exercise enjoying the few remaining nice days left before the winter cold; God spoke and shared some of the words I will share as I begin my public ministry in two weeks.  My eyes filled as I became overwhelmed and had to do whatever I could do to regain my composure.  I know what is happening to me is due to His touching my life in so many ways.  Without a doubt I know I am “blessed”.  I feel His presence even when I write these devotions I share with you.  They are not of my creativity but of His inspiration.  Many of you have shared how they are touching your life and I am grateful to hear from you.

When I consider the walk I remember the same walk sixteen years ago this time (written in 2009) in search of drugs and my car, having sold it for thirty dollars in drugs!  I don’t have a car today but I am healthy and can walk and if my eyes are red it’s not because of lack of sleep or poor health but because I’m shedding tears of the victory I am now experiencing.  Back then, I could not see this day but God saw it and I’m glad He permitted me to live so I can experience what I am going through now.

I know if my life were required of me this day I could go knowing I am saved; but, I have work to do.  There are so many sons and daughters, my brothers and sisters, still, “out there” who need to know they don’t have to live this way anymore.  I still have to reach as many as I can letting them see the evidence of what God is more than able and wanting to do in their lives.  Will you help to reach them, too?  It begins first by praising God for what He’s doing in your life, too.


I know God did hear my cries in the night.  He pulled me out of addiction’s fight.

Vikki Blossom

Power of Prayer


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In my darkest moment of addiction I heard God’s voice command me, “Why don’t you pray to Me.”  It wasn’t soft or overwhelming and it wasn’t even a question!  It was more like a stated fact.  God was positioned to do something but I needed to make the second move, for you see, He’d already made the first to remind me He was there and ready.  I knelt down thinking I’d be there awhile and all I could say was, “God, save me.”  Suddenly, a peace came over me and I slept comfortably which was a miracle in itself.  The very next day began my journey to where I am today.

We hear so often about prayer.  Some question if you should stand, kneel, sit, lay prostrate but I say, however God comes to you, what you know you should do, do it.  God is more interested in the position of your heart than the position of your body.  For many of us our bodies are wracked with filth, disgust and pain.  Our hearts is what God is interested in and I would beg each of you who need Him today to find that moment to pray.  It doesn’t have to be a long, laboriously wordy or eloquent display.  It doesn’t have to begin with the King’s English using a “Thee” or “Thou”.  Just tell Him what you need and see if all Heaven doesn’t begin to move in your favor.  I dare you to try God.

There are some of you who don’t believe in God but this doesn’t mean He does not exist.  He believes in you otherwise you wouldn’t be here to even ponder this question; but, I can assure you if you are willing to humble yourself and just for a moment try Him, test Him, speak to Him, you will find yourself positioned for an experience you have no idea which is waiting for you.  There is “power in prayer”.


God takes time to listen, when you take time to pray.

Answer on a Plate


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Ever have one of those moments when you’re wondering what it is you wanted to eat? You recognize you don’t want to eat what you’ve been eating and what you have is just not fulfilling, well, as a single man this is often my plight.  Yesterday, while experiencing this lethargic behavior, a phone call from a friend saying she held dinner for me AND was at the park across from where I live presented me with more than just a nice dinner.  It indicated how my Father takes care of me.

Who could have known my physical state at that particular time than Him?  I didn’t do anything to precipitate this.  This woman could not have known what it was she was doing but she was being used by God to provide a blessing to His son who had a need.  My need was fulfilled and made the remainder of the day so much better, even affecting my sleep, making it more enjoyable, restful, and interestingly enough, it was food I would never have prepared for myself.  God knows how to bring good gifts to those He love and love Him.

Many of us have “too much on our plate” to realize what it is we need.  We are constantly running, dodging and skipping through those important and needful areas of our lives.  We need to just be still and allow a little attention to flow our way from Someone who knows us so well and wishes to give us something good.  Now, how may I serve you?  What would you like on your plate today?


I trust you, Lord, to guide my steps to follow Your way.  My Comforter and Protector, You will always stay.

Vikki Blossom

Evidence of Well-doing


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Speaking with a friend, I learned there was someone who presented material in hopes of “taking me down” from the good which is happening.  I’m scheduled to make a major presentation and this person questioned if it would be good in lieu of the things I have done or perceived I have done.  I received confirmation from my friend their choosing me to speak to their congregation was voted upon by the church leaders and it will go forward.

When you have made decisions to do the right thing expect the enemy will turn up in some way to bring about disruption and discouragement.  You can never be prepared in which direction he will come at you but know he will.  There is something you should consider when this is occurring in your life: 1. You are doing exactly what God wants you to do, and 2. The enemy is confirming you are now working against him.

When you are either coming from the life of addiction or you are the family and friend of an addict, expect the worse to happen to try and set you back.  This is the absolute time when we must exercise true strength in God knowing the very reason why we are experiencing this difficult time, sometimes more than addiction itself, is because the enemy is not happy with us and wants to get us back.  Do not let him win.  The fact he is coming after you is evidence you are doing what is right and you must keep the momentum going forward.


When the enemy is at your doorstep, take comfort knowing God is already inside.

The Contrasts of Friendship


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Yesterday I received a phone call from a woman I met briefly while in Atlanta.  She contacted me to assist her nephew who is imprisoned but the job was put on hold.  She has since moved to Texas and calls me every now and then for no apparent purpose other than to share encouraging words and it seems to work mutually.  It’s always good to hear from her.  I’ve known her for less than one year.  On the other hand, I had an opportunity to speak with someone I’ve known for over thirty years.  We were like family sharing holiday celebrations, attended a college course together and even shared an office when we worked for the same company.  In the less than ten minutes of chatting, there was an unusual coolness which tells me the long-term relationship was not the same, for whatever reason.

As you progress through life, especially having dealt with addiction, those who should know you best and love you and be filled with understanding—won’t!  It will hurt because it is not like a switch where you can turn on/off your feelings; but, God will put into place new friendships which will be better and meaningful and true.  He will never leave you alone and in despair because we all need and desire human companionship.  If your life is being changed for the better understand He has caused those, which were in the past to stay there, so you can be a recipient of a new and exciting life ahead filled with joy, and new friendships which will be so much more fulfilling.

It is not good to live in the past because this is where our hurts should remain.  Leave them there and continue to strive for a present, and future, which can hold all the dreams you wanted while living in the hurt of yesterday.


My soul is empty from the tracks of my past.  Those times were never meant to last.

Vikki Blossom & Roy