God is Really Not That Complex


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God is not as complex as people would have you believe.  You are now brought into a closer relationship with Him and those who are over you sometimes start speaking in 16th century English as if they, during prayer, were transported back in time when the King James Version of the Bible was printed.  Perhaps, too, those visiting ministers begin speaking difficult subjects too hard for you to comprehend about futuristic events taking place and how you should be prepared, what you must do, and you are not quite sure what in the world he is talking about!  It is not as difficult, clean-living, so don’t worry about this.  You are doing just fine.

While God uses man in order to assist in bringing about change in other men, He doesn’t want you to get confused about what man is doing.  Quite frankly, man is confused and in his confusion he is trying to make sense about what he doesn’t really understand.  Don’t let man’s confusion become yours.  You see, although God is so magnificent and we can never truly understand Him, but it is for certain He understands us.  Because of this understanding He begins to share Himself with us in amounts we are able to understand.  Go with this formula:  If you don’t understand it, it is not for you at this time.  He is so knowing He knows what to give you and how to give it so you are knowledgeable.  He would never waste truths on you if you are not able to receive them.

Speak plainly to God when you are praying and you will find He will speak plainly to you.  The enemy had you confused while being, “out there”.  The Savior won’t do that to you.


God is a Master of clarity.  Leave your confusion wherever you found it.

Our Duty to God


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Now that you are having a relationship with God there are requirements to maintaining a right relationship with Him.  There are basically two rules:  Love God and honor Him.  The second one is love others as yourself.  Now in order to fully comply with these two, you have to learn the other eight which demonstrate how to bring about full compliance and assurances you are on track.  Don’t you just love it?  When you are dealing with friends you are not often quite sure what will make them unhappy because we change so much and are dealing with moods; but with God, this is never the case.  He doesn’t change regarding us.

God is exact in His dealings with us, so we don’t have to concern ourselves with fluctuations, and we need to understand whatever God does in relation to us is always based upon “love”.  This is the principle upon which He operates.  Therefore, our response in dealing with Him should be the same.  We should “love” to attend services where worship is being made.  We should “love” to be surrounded by those of like faith and share with them what is our experience.  We should “love” to be in ministry to those who are struggling just as we have and can offer them the benefit of our testimony to let them know it doesn’t have to always be this way.  We should be full of “love”.

Let me be very clear.  If you are going through the motions, you will not make it.  It has to be a clear duty and we must be committed to Him because it is through Him we are able to make this work.  Clean-living is a direct result of His involvement upon our lives.  No matter how strong we believe about ourselves, the truth is, it is only because of what He is doing are we able to have what we are enjoying today.


Just as we have an obligation and duty to serve Him, God has placed the same upon Himself toward us!

Being in God’s Presence


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The very day you decided to come in from being, “out there” something wonderful took place in the upper regions you are not able to see.  God’s presence surrounded you.  The angels themselves surrounded you and provided protection from the enemy who long held you within his grasp.  Somehow, someway, a miracle took place.  There was an agreement between you and the Creator and He began creating to set everything in place to receive you and begin what you are doing today.

Allow me to dispel a belief I heard once about angels fearing to tread where you were.  What would they have to fear?  They know God and are quite aware of His protective power over what is His, so they do not fear when they are sent to protect His people from the enemy.  The enemy has no power over them.  Whatever angels he was able to steal from heaven, he’s got, and there aren’t any more signing up.

And if the angels were there to protect you, wasn’t God’s presence with you, too?  Yes, He was.  He was in every bar, crack-house, whorehouse, street, clinic, wooded area you found yourself during the addiction.  He never left you at all.  When He drew closer to you it was because you opened not only your mind but your heart to receive Him, and when this occurs, He doesn’t wait for a second invitation.


As long as you keep your arms opened wide, He will always fill them with His presence.

Being in Relationship with God


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Once you know and learn to respect Him then begins the relationship with God.  A relationship has two participants who care for each other and desires not to cause pain to the other.  You enjoy being together and sharing your heart.  You look forward to time together and making plans for the future.  You are now in a relationship with Him and it begins to take on qualities not had as strangers.

Whether you are in the ministry or back in normal life you will never be the same again.  You come to know you are not alone in your fight for clean-living.  You have a Support system which is second to none.  Whenever you have a bad moment, He is there.  This is the time when your relationship will become a substantive quality of life.  You will then see you are not alone.  He will change you, your thinking, your actions and who you were into a new person others can appreciate and enjoy.  People will begin listening to you for even your conversation begins to take on substance.

Recognize your position in this relationship.  Although you can never be equal with God as a man and woman in a marital relationship, but you are lifted higher than where you were.  God cannot see you as an equal but as a friend Who He desires to be around.  He is just so loving, kind, friendly, and desires to be the major part of your life.  He wants to bring you Home.


Nothing compares to having a relationship with God.

Respecting God


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Too often while in our ignorance we lumped God with common thoughts, language and events.  I was just reflecting back when I entered recovery ministry many did not know Him and when there was a concert, in a tent in an urban environment, the performer performed in a way which was reminiscent of being in a club and had those in the ministry doing sensual dancing in a so-called worship service!  To show my displeasure, I stepped out of the tent area and refused to participate in any way, and surely I was questioned later and was told, “You have to bring God down to the people in order for them to understand Him and become ‘saved’”.  This did not sit well for me.

You don’t “bring God down” to any level.  You bring people up to Him.  You have to separate the vile from the holy, the common from the sacred, this is the only way those who are coming into a relationship with Him will learn and recognize there is a distinction which must be maintained.  Our language, thoughts and acts take on a different form.  We are no longer the same nor should our activity.

God is willing to be placed within the reach of man but not so low as to be under his feet.  We don’t “use” Him for any purpose which is not well-meaning to lift man up from the mess he is in.  This is why He cannot be a “god of our understanding” because it is our understanding which is polluted and sinful.  He must be seen as an “understanding God” who loves us and takes into account our condition and willing to lift us to join with Him.


You can never lower God to the level of man.

Knowing God


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How does one get to know God?  It seems easier growing up and being taken to church and hearing the stories and now it seem He was just always there and some type of relationship has always existed.  I know some of you did not have this experience and have just now come into a place which speaks about Him all the time and you may wonder just “who is this God?”

There are two ways of learning about Him and more often than not, we learn about Him in negative opposites.  We learn He doesn’t like it when we do something against Him or others. In having to deal with a lot of rules called “Commandments”, we are beginning to learn about Him.  As you develop in this walk you will begin to learn Him by the positives; His love for you and it will be demonstrated in various ways.  You will come to understand what you have today is a direct result of His intervening on your behalf.  You will see He permitted these circumstances today and those of yesterday to have one purpose:  to bring you closer to Him so He becomes an active and viable participant in your life.  This is how you get to know God.

Soon, prayer which started as a monologue becomes a dialogue.  You will begin to discern another voice speaking to you and literally answering your questions.  You will find getting to know Him, He’d known you all along and cared for you.  You will no longer need the negative opposite association and dwell more on the positive characteristics as He shows them to you.


Knowing God better helps you to begin knowing yourself better, too.

Will Power


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Some will tell you the way to overcome addiction is by “will power”.  I don’t understand how they could say this.  Many times, no, thousands of times I exercised my “will power” and stated, “I will do this drug”,  and, I was successful.  Will power is not what will do it.  The power of the will is not strong enough to break such a vicious cycle of addiction.  We must come to the conclusion I am not strong enough and never will be and when you have decided this is “truth” in your life, then and only then are you able to fight this war using much better weapons.

Man has been given one characteristic God will not take away from him, the “will”.  God has given you this part of your personality which makes you, you.  While on my journey toward recovery I learned a very important lesson.  If you really wish to live a life of clean-living or for that matter, this even applies to those who have never taken a drug in their life, you must turn your “will” over to God.  You must let Him have it.  He cannot take it nor will trick you into receiving it.  It must be freely handed over with the intention of never requesting it back.  When you are able to turn your “will” over to Him, then He is able to return it back to you in a way which will be awesome.  You “will” be a changed person and can live your life in victory.

We try to give up all of these addictions and can name them by name: drugs, alcohol, sex, food, gambling; you name it we have given it up but it seems we never do, do we?  No, we haven’t.  It isn’t until we give Him our will then those things go away.


The best gift we can give to God is “us”.

Being Changed


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The way to obtain victory over addictions is by “being changed”.  It is not something we can do on our own.  We must have the work of God in our lives, otherwise the struggle to remain in a state of clean-living will always exist.  The Bible says, “renewing of our minds” is the key to being a changed person.  It is not what the body craves which makes you an addict.  Addiction is more of the mind and this is where only God can step in and fix.

You have to submit yourselves to Him and allow Him to do what only He can do.  I cannot explain the process.  I can only tell you once completed there is no longer any turning back.  There is no desire to do so.  Those things which interested me once before have no bearing on me today.  I submitted to Him changing me and He did it.  Now, the very thought of doing it again repulses me and this is the way it should be.  Sure, if I think about the feeling, yes, it is pleasurable, but when I think about what occurs, sinning before Him and knowing I am displeasing Him and will hate myself afterwards, this is what keeps me away, and again, knowing I don’t have to do it.

Man cannot heal addiction and rightfully has admitted such.  The best they can do is to assist you from doing the act.  If you are chained to a wall the remainder of your life and never pick up a drug again, are you still an addict?  Yes, you are.  You have been merely inconvenienced.  Now put the drug on a table in front of me and cut the chains.  If I never touch it I have been released by more than those chains.  I have been freed from which is an awful existence of life.  This is what I’ve been striving for and “thank God” have achieved.


Don’t doubt God can do it.  He’s done it for me, and many others, and you are next.