God Is Working on Your Resume


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Many years are spent in developing a resume, by adding education and work experience making you a worthwhile candidate for whatever career path you wish to pursue.  I want you to know God is helping you develop a resume which He can use for service in His work!  For many, whatever qualifications you have may have to be placed in a lower category so He can bring out more important areas in your life meant for His consideration.  He may wish to emphasize you are an addict.  He may wish to emphasize you have a DUI or spent time in prison having a conviction.  He may wish to emphasize you are a registered sex offender because He has a job for you to do and being able to accomplish those positions will take a specialized resume He has designed in your life.

Whatever your situation do not look at the difficulty facing you but keep your position, where you are facing God, and allow Him to open doors He has prepared you for.  There is someone who needs to hear your testimony of how He saved you and brought you through where others are dead.  As a teacher who’s limit seems to be the classroom, whose time is spent in instructing others who will ascend heights which is anyone’s guess, and who should receive the credit but the lowly teacher who prepares for their next class.  Some of are called to be teachers of others and will help to prepare them for what we can no longer do.

Never be ashamed of how God has saved you.  If this is what it took to get your attention so you might be with Him for eternity, can you not say, it was worth it?


If God is taking you through something, it is to prepare you for a task you otherwise could never do.


Doubting the Power


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In my own personal devotion this morning I came across this statement:  “Doubting of the power and promise of God is the great thing that spoils the efficacy and success of faith.”  Here is my dilemma:  I believe God told me if I finished writing and publish my book, He would keep me from being homeless or hungry.  This is what I experienced while a drug addict.  Yet, God has now told me several weeks ago, “You will encounter a difficult time dealing with the second condition of your prayer, your ‘wallet’, yet the length of time will depend upon you remembering how I answered the first condition regarding your ‘health’”.  I know what He did bringing me through drug addiction but this last condition, my financial well-being, is difficult, very difficult.

I believe God has called me to ministry and not to work in the secular world.  In 1991, He showed me I would never return to the working world, as I knew it, but was going to have me involved in His work.  It seem today this is more and more the case as I cannot find work and not necessarily due to the economic condition of the world, but because He has determined my path.  Greater difficulty comes in not knowing what and how He will do for me when normal life’s expenses marches on.  So, reading the quote this morning has given me words of encouragement because “Doubting the Power” of God prohibits Him doing what He wants to do.

In recovery, you will encounter those who will not believe in what you are doing and it is not possible for them to understand what God is taking you through, because it is not for them, but for you.  Keep true to God and His Word and God will bring you through, but it will take standing on faith to accomplish this.  As I don’t know what God is doing for me—today, I know He is doing what is best and will never fail me.  I’ve seen too much to know He will never fail us.

God is the Creator of all mankind.  Seek His Word and knowledge you will find.

Vikki Blossom

I Became Poor


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As I am doing my own personal devotions I am reading about Christ, prior to His death, how He rode an ass into Jerusalem.  The text goes on to say how He became “poor” for our sake.   For the first time I had to acknowledge, just as Jesus depended upon alms in order to live although He could have called angels to provide for Him, even to borrow the ass upon which He rode, I have been made like Him in this respect.  From my previous riches and comfort of life, I, too, have had to become poor, depending upon the goodness of my friends, in order to acknowledge who He is to me and the blessings He daily provides.  “I became poor.”

I can honestly say I do not like being in this state but if it helps me to understanding how to depend upon God for my living, and this is the method He is using to draw me closer to Him, then I must find contentment, believing and trusting, He knows what is best for me.  We’re told riches come with their problems and I know it, too, when things are going so well, I didn’t pray as often as I pray now.  I didn’t depend upon God then as I do now, so is being “poor” worth it?  Yes it is.  We read God will provide even your daily bread, but how will we know this as a fact in our life unless we’re in straits and cannot provide for ourselves, allowing Him to fulfill the promise we read so easily and take for granted?  So, “I became poor” and now know it to be true.

There are few words, which are positive, which could be said for addiction; but, it is “through” addiction I have come to know God so much better than those days of affluence.  If Christ could go through the “Cross Experience” for me, can I not go through the “Addiction Experience” for Him?  It has been worth becoming “poor” so I might enjoy the riches of being with Him in glory.


The Cross and Addiction, both are a struggle, but if they have a purpose of bringing us closer to each other, and God, then it is worth it.

Worth the Wait


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While sitting in the chairs of the drug ministry I attended in 1993, I could hardly keep my seat wanting to get back into the swing of things and having been there less than a month, I told the Assistant Director, “Sir, what you just gave was not a Bible study!  While I’m here why not use me to teach, for I have done this before.”  Looking back today, I was so caught up in my own stuff I couldn’t see the surprised look on his face for this drug addict just having told him what he wasn’t doing properly and he needed to sit down and let him do his job!  He chose his words carefully when he said, “Bro. Roy, you just got here.  Why not let God do what He wants to do in your life?  Your time will come, but it isn’t now.”

Some almost seventeen years later, I do believe it is almost my time, now, to do what God has preserved me to do.  I have traveled a long way from that point till now.  Although drugs were the reason why I went into that particular ministry it was God’s purpose to begin a cleansing of more than substance abuse.  There were other areas of my life He needed to deal with before He could and would release me onto the scene of action, where I would be involved in other’s lives.  God isn’t going to just turn His people, His hurting children into the hands of someone who isn’t prepared.

God took forty years to work with Moses before He brought him back to lead His people out of Egypt.  For many of us, He can’t use us in the few days or weeks of thinking we’re okay without Him taking us through retraining, and relearning, and resurfacing our lives so we’re useful for those who will come to depend upon us for direction.  So, sit back and relax and enjoy the time you have now because once God puts you to work, you’ll want to revisit this time of relaxing and thinking you don’t have enough to do.


God has His plan for our lives and although our plans don’t often agree, allowing His plan to take preference will be the best thing you could ever do.

Together We Seek Him


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The Bible speaks about two blind beggars who pled for Christ to heal them while those around them sought to quiet them, yet they cried all the more and as a result of their crying out they received their sight.  For those of us caught in addiction there is strength when we come together and petition Christ for healing.  There is no power in catchy sayings and times when we agree to come together, but only in our application to Him, who is able to heal us from the burden of addiction.  God loves when people agree and come to Him, so how much more when we are suffering through the loss of ourselves, due to addiction, when we can come together, agreeing He is able to save us from such a horrible existence.

In the secular world they would have you believe you must come together for so many days in order to be stronger and many find themselves no better.  “Make 90 meetings in 90 days” and then the number increases because their purpose is to grasp you in their idea of overcoming what ails you.  Isn’t it a blessing to know those blind men weren’t counting days but counting upon the time when Christ would come, and here He is for they had heard of what He was able to do so they cried at the top of their voices so He wouldn’t pass them by, being unable to see Him.  We’re the same.  We must cry at the top of our voices for Him to see us as we are, blind, miserable and naked and in need of a blessing.

Do not stop crying out no matter how many tell you to shush, for healing is only a prayer away.  Find those who are of like belief and together send up your petition for healing and you will find your source of comfort, and healing in the One who has promised.


No one but God knows the pain of the addiction of my past.  How the drugs came first, but God came at last!

Vikki Blossom

Making Up Your Mind


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There comes a point in addiction when you, “make up your mind”, you’re not going to do this anymore, and the same goes for those who are not necessarily in substance abuse, but have their own bouts with problems.  The faster you come to this conclusion the better off you will be:  “You’re not the one who is able to stop.”  That’s it!  You can make up your mind to stop but you’re not the one who actually does the stopping.  God does it through you; but, He needs a willing person whose mind is made up, they’re not going to continue in the way they have been.

All of the games, because this is exactly what they are, “games” about pasting notes, destroying works (paraphernalia), separating money, counting hours/days/weeks/months/years, none of these things work in and of itself.  The fact you stopped involved God granting you grace.  You can call it “the program”, “drug ministry” or anything else but the truth is, God is doing it through you, but it is the result of “making up your mind” you do not want to do this.  Once you have made up your mind, God is able to bring about what you desire in order to satisfy this decision.  You will notice when temptation comes and there’s more resolve not to fail and because your mind is made up, God is there supporting your decision.

I’ve heard people say, “addiction is the hardest thing to stop” and they’re nearly right, but addiction is “sin” and it is because we are sinful creatures and it is so much a part of our character, we enjoy it so much, this is why it is difficult.  No man on earth, no devices or places can prevent man from sinning, but God, and He can only do it when you’ve, “made up your mind”, to stop sinning and want to be blessed.


A “made up mind” is our part. “Stopping” is God’s.

God First


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While it is wonderful to have an Internet connection so you can be online all the time, a great job supporting your lifestyle, family and friends you love and enjoy being around, a late model car which is running well, the latest computer, kids doing well in school, no one is sick in the family or friends, plenty of warm clothing during the cold months, not worried about bills because income and your spending habits are working together, we still need to put God first.  After mentioning all the things in life which makes us happy, and they do, there is an enemy lurking around who wants you to keep in mind, it is your happiness which is paramount to everything and this is wrong!

Conversely, there is someone who doesn’t have an Internet connection and can only use it when at work or stop by the local library, they’re looking for work and have difficulty providing for the basics. They have family and friends they love but can’t always be with them.  They’re taking public transportation or walking, and they’re still using a computer which hasn’t been introduced to “gig” technology. Kids are not doing so well in school, and they’re worried of bills because they don’t have enough to cover what is needed—yet, they have put God first.  Although the enemy has made his presence known in their life and circumstances yet they’re quick to fall on their knees, remembering God is first in their life and it is His happiness they seek.

Which of these two individuals is happiest for it is certain both are?  Notice in the first paragraph there is no mention of God in their active life.  They know Him but because things are going so well, He’s a passing thought, and the person in paragraph two is having difficult times, but God becomes more involved in their life and this is the way it should be, whether you are experiencing affluence or not.  Put God first, in all things.


Keep your eye on the prize.  God has already determined, “This, too, shall pass.”

Vikki Blossom

Seek Peace


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There is too much stress in life because of various circumstances:  health, finances, employment, family relations and life in general so we should learn to “seek peace” with those around us as well as within ourselves.  When all of this comes to an end there will be that time when it’ll be just you and God and will you be able to find peace?  None of the stuff you thought was so important and worth fighting over will mean anything other than having peace within your heart.  Think about it, not one bit of this we’re stressing over today has any relevance when it comes to your soul salvation.  If you should die today, wouldn’t everything go on without skipping a beat?  So, what’s the point of allowing it to stress you?

There is nothing, absolutely nothing like peace.  If you should find it with others then you have attained something quite beautiful and even better if you should find it within yourself.  If there is something bothering you today and it involves someone with whom you can have a reasonable conversation, then do it.  Don’t put it off when you can work toward a peaceful resolution of whatever it is that is disturbing your life.  Give it your best effort and be willing to be hurt—again, if that’s what it takes to find peace in the long run.

One of the fastest ways to relapsing is allowing stressful situations in your life to overwhelm you.  You are the one who can control what affects you or not.  You have that much power so don’t put it in the hands of others who mean you no good.


The fastest way to having peace in your life is by using Peace.

Satan Will Try to Steal Your Joy


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After being blessed with such a great victory over my first battle, willingly given to God regarding finances, Satan would rear his ugly head with an attack.  He’s not happy when we are and when we’re making headway against him, he will try again, and again, and again to take us down, but we serve such a great God who knows how to handle him.  So, take the lump which is coming but recognize whatever scratch he’s able to put on you, it’s nothing but character building material.  Whenever God grants you a blessing expect the enemy to make his appearance.

In my message this past weekend I mentioned how Christians are the only soldiers who are wounded by backbiting, spiteful, revengeful and just plain mean fellow-soldiers who claim to do all things “in the name of the Lord”, in the barracks, even before any battle is waged on the battlefield!  Instead of rejoicing in the blessings given to one, we’re quick to allow animosity to build within ourselves and because we are not happy, we want those around us who seem to be, brought down to where we are.  Some will blame Satan but I believe in these cases Satan steps out the room because individuals like these will move on their own volition to try and cause pain.

When you are making progress in your life as evidence by the victories won, never allow those of the past or present control what God is able to do for your future.


Don’t let your future get trapped in your past.  Satan’s only goal is to bring us down fast.

Vikki Blossom & Roy

God Is Just a Call Away


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I needed a miracle.  My phone carrier called on Monday agreeing to seven days in order to come up with the payment of a $402 phone bill.  I needed $272, minimum, and told the company representative, “Unless I receive a miracle, you will be disconnecting my phone.”  I need my phone.  Later in the day, a friend who didn’t know of my situation called asking would I consider speaking for a church this coming Saturday.  I agreed.  God whispered in my ear, “You be faithful and see what I will do for you.”  I’m happy to report after speaking at this church they blessed me with enough not to only pay the minimal but the entire bill!  The following day, on Tuesday, a person perceived as my enemy, called to apologized, asked me to escort them to a grocery store and offered to pay for my food!  God used this phone to provide for me so it makes sense for Him to provide a way in order to keep it.

Learning to let God, now, be in charge of my financial concerns, just as I learned to let Him take charge of my health, has proven Himself to be faithful.  There would be no way I would have gotten such a huge phone bill to begin with but He permitted this to occur to demonstrate His power on my behalf.  God wants to provide for His children, as a good Father, but we are not often good children who will let Him.  We believe our “free will” is really an independence apart from Him, which is wholly untrue.  Our “free will” is to be exercised to learn how to rely upon Him, totally.  Therefore, God will often remove things from our life so we can learn how to be dependent upon Him.  He does not want to be excluded from any aspect of our lives.

Whatever situation demands you call (pray) to your Father for support and assistance, do not ever hang up the phone until after you have given thanks.


God loves to hear from us, but it will take us making the call.