When There Is Only Prayer…


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…then it’s all you do!  Oftentimes, when we have a loved one suffering because of an addiction we find ourselves hopeless after trying everything we can possibly think to assist them.  We have given them money—mistake.  We have allowed them to stay with us—mistake.  We have offered them food and clothing—mistake, because in each of these situations nothing seemed to matter or help them.  There is one thing you can do and I can guarantee you this, it will not be a mistake.  You pray.

Sitting back and not being physically active, just doing nothing will not come easy first unless you actually believe in the power of prayer.  Prayer is not something which is done without effort.  It takes a lot of personal concentration to set aside time to be with God and speak to Him directly regarding a loved one.  You cannot do it with distractions for it to be meaningful and it requires effort and dedication and faith to believe the One who you are speaking to is listening and knows how to help not only the addict but you, too.  You have to believe it down deep in the core of your soul you are not wasting time and God does take a full vested interest in this particular situation of yours.

If you have ever had a prayer answered, you know what I am talking about.  The fact I am sitting here today writing you these words is a direct result of two things:  someone prayed for me until I was able to pray for myself.  In each instance the key was: prayer.  God listens and gets involved when we take the time to pray.  There is no doubt about it, we have to pray not only for them but for ourselves we won’t give up until the last breath is given, either theirs or ours.  Something good and worthwhile is worth agonizing over and this is the effort you must give when you love someone.

Prayer is more than just talking to God, it’s getting God involved in your affairs because you asked Him to do so.


My Inspiration


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Several years ago as I was being held in a federal detention center, a fancy word for “prison”, I came across a book written by Oswald Chambers called, “My Utmost for His Highest”.  I was inspired by his daily writings and decided when I got released, I would write a devotional especially geared for those who lives have been touched by addictions of some sort, whether you are/were an addict or you are the family or friend of an addict.  I believed a book was sorely needed which might provide hope and encouragement for those persons who suffered just as I have, and to give them the “hope” they didn’t have to no longer remain in addiction, as I no longer do.

It is my goal to have this book I shall call, “The Addict’s Devotional” published this year (2013) and in some small way, perhaps, too, long after I am gone, my book will be picked up by someone who will receive inspiration just as I have done with the late Mr. Chambers’ book.  So far, I am told by those who visit my website, they like what they are reading and wish me well with my venture.

The point I’d like to make today is when I first began using drugs I never thought what I am doing today would ever take place.  If someone had told me I would do something positive as a result of my own drug addiction, I would have thought they were crazy.  And now, as crazy as it seem some days when I sit in front of this laptop and wonder what I could say which will give someone something more than what they had yesterday, I just remember my own life and am thankful I can be sitting in front of this machine and not in a graveyard or other institution.  This is the message today:  even in your addiction God can have great plans for your life, but He needs you to step out of yourself and be willing to devote your life to Him.  It’s the only way.

God, reach deep into my heart and rearrange what I had; Take the evil, pain and sinfulness, take all of which is bad.

Vikki Blossom

Ministry to Others


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One of the stronger desires I had to contain within me was the need to help others like me.  From the very beginning, I think mostly because of my roots having grown up in the church, when in recovery meeting those whose background was not similar, I felt a great need to assist them in their walk.  While commendable, it was totally outside the realm of good sense!

I needed help.  This should have been my focus.  I am the one who needed help and how could this be possible in giving to others when my own glass was empty?  While in a ministry of recovery, I had a vision of seeing a spoon emptying its contents onto the spoons of many others until there was nothing in the spoon.  This exemplified me.  God was showing me in order for me to give to others, I need to tap into the ultimate supply—Him!

For sure, God has not brought you along this way to keep what He’s given to you for yourself.  No.  It is imperative to share with those but only after you have received—fully, what He intends for you to have.  The worse experience in any ministry is to be confronted with someone who really needs your help and you’re more than capable of doing so, but you have nothing to give.  This may cause the hopeful receiver to be lost forever because you hadn’t taken care of your own needs first.

Be filled, first, then help others, next.

God is the Creator of all mankind; seek His word and knowledge you will find.

Vikki Blossom



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What defines the weakening component in addiction are relationships.  While healthy and desirable relationships become destroyed at the same time unhealthy relationships are developed.  This must change.  When you find yourself becomes less in tune with your spouse, children and other extended family members, friends and spending more time with those who really don’t care about you except for what you can give them, addiction has worked its destructive evil.

The only way back from the abyss of destroyed relationships is to have the courage to reverse the trend.  You need to understand you have to do whatever it takes to reestablish those relationships because this is what will give your life value and extra ‘ump’ to make clean-living worthwhile.  When you have rediscovered what you have given away, you will not want to jeopardize what has been given back to you with the foolishness only the streets can give.

The greatest relationship which is waiting for you is coming into the graciousness of God.  When you recognize and accept doing substances is not only something which is illegal and get you into trouble but you choose not to do it because you do not wish to impact the relationship between you and God, then the desire for whatever will be the catalyst in creating the void becomes less and less attractive.  Your relationship with God becomes an active force in your life and just as you do not wish to be hurt, you do not want to hurt God.  When relationships become damaged the only way of healing comes through those same relationships.  There is no other way.

God is the Creator of all mankind; seek His word and knowledge you will find.

Vikki Blossom



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Fear is such an immobilizing agent.  It causes you to not be able to move when you need to do so and it causes you to learn how to be content with your own limitations.  This is not good.  When fear is especially troublesome is when you allow it to control your relationships.  Any relationship which is based upon a “thought you are secure”, when actually it is based on fear, will keep you from developing a pure and wholesome relationship not only with fellow human beings but with God.  When people use the text, “God has not given you a spirit of fear…” doesn’t mean spiders, heights and water, which incidentally are my fears, but mentioned regarding relationships which God has called you to be a part of through varying situations.

Many of us want to go to heaven because we are afraid of hell!  I have a newsflash for you, “heaven is not in your future”.   Many of us hold onto each other and things only because we have a fear of losing them.  Is our relationship then pure?  No.  In fact, this fear is rooted in selfishness.  Whether it is a job, home, car and even children, if we are fearful of losing them we place a restrictive barrier we think we call protection, in essence our relationship with these items become tainted and we are not able to use Godly love, which is based apart from fear.  It is no surprise another text says, “…there is no fear in love.”

In a very subtle way, fear is addictive.  Just as poisonous as drugs or alcohol, fear can completely have you going about your daily tasks thinking no one notices but the intuitive can see what you are basing your life upon is not on the freedom which love brings, but on the type of love you have based upon losing them.  This prohibits the true reality of love when you’re able to free what you have so God can present it back to you in a purer form of His own love.

Trusting God is near and only possible when there is no fear.



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I thought to dedicate one day and share the miracle how God used this baby, now woman, to save my life.

When I became so hopeless and thought life not worth living anymore because of my drug addicted life, and after failing to commit suicide twice before by combining sleeping pills and alcohol, I chose to try using my car and put a hose from the exhaust into the compartment and inhaled the fumes.  I am told by a physician it normally takes 20 to 45 minutes.  I was there for more than 6 hours!  While unconscious, God came to me in a vision of a door which I knocked but it was refusing to open.  The voice behind the door said, “Go away.  You have tried to come here three times now and we cannot open to you.  Jesus came already and has taken the key and told us not to open.  So, go away!”  This represented the already two times prior I tried to kill myself.  This was now the third.

When I was standing by the door, Aeisha’s face appeared to me.  She was only 2 at the time and the thought came, “I have to see her grow up.  I have to see her grow up.”  This is what gave me strength to open the car door.  I was paralyzed for a time and my hearing affected, but fully restored within hours.  Aeisha will be 19 (written in 2009) next week and I have fulfilled the quest to see her grown up and my desire today is to still live.  I could not see it then but God knew He had work, a ministry even in my hopeless state, to do for Him, and this is what keeps me going every day now.

Thank you, Aeisha, for being a part of my life.  Always love, (Uncle/Daddy) Roy.

No matter how difficult life may seem to be, Check with God first and see if He hasn’t a plan for you—still!

Aeisha and Roy in 2006

Aeisha and Roy in 2006

The Simplicity of Life


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Yes, another day, and I fear, more pages, I may discover will have been lost during the recovery of my data for this book, but inspiration doesn’t end because situations do.  No, in fact, it provides additional opportunities to continue the message began so long ago.  You see, what I am sharing with you today was given to me by the caring and dedication of others before me, who if given the time of tracing backward would lead to the disciples of Christ, who sat at His feet gathering the message being given to you today!

For me, the message I would like to impart to you today regarding overcoming drug addiction is to learn about the “simplicity of life”.  What is it you need for when you’re ready to return to the world?  You need food, shelter and clothing.  It would be nice to find employment either given to you by others or something you’re able to create for yourself.

Whatever those visions of grandeur you might have held prior to your falling into addiction, realize many will not give you the chance to recover whatever you may have lost in the process, but if you can define what it is you desire in life, and focus on this, you would have overcame so much more.


Life isn’t about getting and gaining.  It is mostly about living.

Will Power is Not Enough


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The one characteristic God has given us is our “will”.  With this gift, we have the right to make decisions either for Him or against Him.  There is no gray area, no middle ground.  Our ultimate goal in life is to have the “will” to worship Him.  If you are not worshiping Him, then you are worshiping the enemy.  It is as simple as this.  There will be those who will say, “I don’t worship the Devil!” but in essence you do “if” you are not actively worshiping God.  There is no middle ground.

In my learning to overcome addiction, I came to this knowledge which I believe is God-directed.  In order for me to reach my full potential I had to offer Him the one thing He has given me:  my “will”.  If I continued to hold onto it, I could never please Him fully.  You see, although He has given it to me, He waits until I have realized the true allegiance and love I can give Him is to offer it back.  So, one day I did.  I turned over my “will” to Him and asked Him to take charge of it.

What did I get in return?  His love and complete care of my life.  I know, now, it wasn’t me which kept me from my addictions but His guidance directing my “will” I put back into His hands.  I have no such thing as “will power” because it was corrupted and filled with sin.  The power of my “will” got me into the trouble I ended up in because I didn’t know how to use it properly and learned later if it weren’t God-directed it would be Devil-directed.  What do I have now which I can call my own?  Nothing!  I don’t want anything God hasn’t given me.  Period.

When people say you need “will power” to overcome addiction, they don’t realize it was the “power of the will” which got you in it!

Caretaking vs Taking Care


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There is a difference in the words which you may not understand.  One provides selfishness to the effort while the other is purer in intention.  When we feed the hungry, for example, by serving in our ministerial efforts with our church, and we’re continuing to feed the same person(s) month after month, this is “caretaking”.  It makes us feel better because we are doing something.  We’re using our resources to help someone.  In actuality, this is all it is and it does not empower the person we think we’re helping to receive the help they need to where they don’t need us anymore.

“Taking care” is when we put our efforts into helping that loved one, addict, homeless or just hungry to the point in life where they can begin to do for themselves.  There will come pain at some point because we draw the line of separation so they can begin to grow on their own, which is replaced with joy because when they in turn have grown, now they can begin to provide help to others and this is what life is really all about.

Don’t get caught in the web of deceit of “caretaking” which is selfish based.  Let a loved one go so they can develop and grow into the person they need to be.  God is waiting for you to begin backing off so He can come forward to assist them.  His motives are purely driven by love.  Until we learn this of ourselves, we only continue to dig the hole which is keeping the person there.

Grow strong in the Lord and find it is His will now and not mine.

Vikki Blossom

“Well Done” Faithful Servant


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Today I received a “thank you” from someone I didn’t know was a reviewer of the devotionals I write.  It was encouraging and became the catalyst of this devotional which you will read today:

In ministry, we are told what to do by a much greater influence than we can imagine.  We are not told why or for whom, but just to do.  There will be many, perhaps, who will be touched by the words which you write, speak or sing.  Although it is a privilege to be involved in ministry, it is not so much for us as it is for those whom we may never know; makes me consider Christ when He was here healing the sick and relieving distress from many others and how few responded in just saying, “thank you”.  Certainly, He deserved more, but the lesson was about the “giving” and not the “receiving”, but it is so nice when we are told just how much someone has been blessed by our efforts, of ourselves being used.

If God has placed something within your heart to give someone, give it.  We are not responsible for the message or how others will receive it.  We are only responsible for giving it.  How many times did you read or hear something which gave you what you needed to get you through a difficult situation?  Now, it is your turn to be used in such a manner.  Yesterday, I received a call from someone who is in distress.  I invited them to share a meal with me, to help them to unwind.  They promised they would call within a few hours.  They hadn’t.  I’ve done what I felt led to do, but it is not our responsibility to force what we have to give on those who cannot, or will not, receive.  Just do what God has asked you to do so one day you will hear Him say, “Well done”.


Whatever God has done on our behalf has always been “Well done”.  Let it be said what you do for others, is the same.